Central Intelligence Agency

  • The OSS

    The OSS
    The Office of Strategic Services is established when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs a military order.
  • OSS abolished

    OSS abolished
    The Office of Strategic Services is abolished due to President Harry S. Truman's Executive Order 9621.
  • The National Security Act of 1947

    The National Security Act of 1947
    Once The National Security Act of 1947 was in action, it lead to the establishment of the National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
  • Mind Control

    Mind Control
    A declassified document coming from the CIA comes out stating that young girls were having multiple personalities.
  • $46 million Construction

    $46 million Construction
    The construction of the first CIA Headquarters Building was estimated to be around $46 million. President Dwilight D. Eisenhower signed a bill giving the okay.
  • Bay of Pigs

    Bay of Pigs
    The invasion of Cuba by the CIA, which was supported by Cuban exiles at Bay of Pigs.
  • Nixon resigns

    Nixon resigns
    President Richard Nixon become the first ever President to resign from office. He is caught in a scadnal, famously known as the Watergate Scandal.
  • Reorganization of CIA

    Reorganization of CIA
    President Jimmy Carter annouces the need for reorganization to the Intelligence Community. He creates a higher level committee paired with the DCI. He also makes the DCI takes control of budget and operational tasking of intelligence collection.
  • The Central Intelligence Agency's Freedom of Information Act was signed

  • Goodbye Old Headquarters

    Goodbye Old Headquarters
    The new CIA Headquarters makes way when Vice President George H.W. Bush does not contine the contruction to the expansion of the old headquarters.
  • Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act

    Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act
    Once President George W. Bush signed the act, the position of the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency was created. Along with signing the act, the positions of DCI and DDCI were abolished.