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By arr123
  • the first cellphone was invented

    the first cellphone was invented
    The first phone was invented in 1973 by a jappeneese man named Martin Cooper.
  • Phones are being improved!

    Phones are being improved!
    In 1984, Motorola released the Motorola DynaTAC to the public.
  • inspiration for flip phones.

    inspiration for flip phones.
    Six years after the DynaTAC appeared, Motorola took a step further by releasing what became the inspiration for the first-ever flip phone.
  • Modern day cellular technology began to form.

    Modern day cellular technology began to form.
    The first text messages, digital signal processors and high-tech networks all sprouted into existence during this tumultuous time period
  • first pda phone.

    first pda phone.
    IBM and BellSouth teamed up to release the Simon Personal Communicator, the first mobile phone to feature PDA features. Not only could it send and receive voice calls, but it could also serve as an address book, calculator, pager and fax machine. Plus, it offered the first-ever touchscreen by which customers could use their fingers or a stylus to make calls and create memos.
  • First Clamshell Flip Phone

    First Clamshell Flip Phone
    Half a decade after the original MicroTAC, Motorola released an upgrade known as the StarTAC. Inspired by its predecessor, the StarTAC became the first-ever true flip phone. It operated on GSM networks in the United States, included support for SMS text messaging, added digital functions like a contact book and was the first phone to support lithium-ion batteries. Plus, the device weighed only 3.1 ounces.
  • First Candybar Phone

    First Candybar Phone
    Nokia popped up on the scene in 1998 with the first-ever candybar phone, the Nokia 6160. Weighing only 6 ounces, the 5.2-inch tall device sported a monochrome display, an external antenna and a rechargeable battery with a whopping 3.3-hour talk time. Because of its price and ease of use, the Nokia 6160 ended up becoming Nokia's best-selling device of the 90s.
  • Precursor to the BlackBerry Smartphone

    Precursor to the BlackBerry Smartphone
    The first BlackBerry cellular device appeared in the late 90s as a two-way pager. It featured a full QWERTY keyboard and could be used to transmit SMS/email messages and pages. Plus, it offered an 8-line display, a calendar and an organizer. Due to a lack of interest in mobile email devices at the time, however, the device was used primarily by those individuals who worked in the corporate industry.