Monocular microscope 1

cell/microscope timeline

  • Period: Jan 9, 1500 to

    microscopes and cells

  • Compound microscopes

    Compound microscopes
    The Compound microscopes two lens inside to magnify.
    Zacharias Janssen and Galileo Galilei both claimed to have invinted the compound microscope.
  • Robert Hooke

    Robert Hooke
    Robert Hooke is an English physicist that Built one of the first microscope.He confirmed that their are tiny living organisms in a drop of water.
  • Cell theory

    Cell theory
    The cell theory states that all living things are composed of cells.
  • The first microscope

    The first microscope
    The first microscope was two lens in a tube.this microscope had an eyepiece , a barrel,a focusing screw and an objective. It was called the Hook microscope.
  • Von Leeuwenhoek

    Von Leeuwenhoek
    Von Leeuwenhoek made a microscope that only had one lens to examine water drops and insects.
  • Microorganism

    First observed by Van Leeuwenhoek.Microorganism organisms are microscopic ,ex.Bacteria and Fungi.
  • Matthias Jakob Schleiden

    Matthias Jakob Schleiden
    Matthias Jakob Schleiden concluded that plant are made of cells and that all cells are alive.
  • Theodor Schwann

    Theodor Schwann
    Theodor Schwann is a zoologist that said all animals have cells.He took part in making the cell theory.
  • Rudolph Virchow

    Rudolph Virchow
    Concluded that the only way cells can be reproducing is by another cell.
  • Electron Microscope

    Electron Microscope
    Electron Microscope was ivented by Ernst Ruska and Max Knoll,
    Electron Microscope can magnify an objects up to 1 million times.