Cell theory timeline

Timeline created by phillip faucheux
  • Robert Hooke

    Robert Hooke
    Technical efforts created magnifications of 50x. Discovered empty spaces contained by walls and termed them pores and cells.Afterwards the term cells stuck. Hooke viewed a thin cutting of cork and other material like fabric, leaves, mica, glass, flint, and frozen urine to make his discovery of cells. Last, he improved the cell theory because before Hooke nobody considered cells scientist considered "cells" to be spontaneous generation.
  • Anton van leeuwenhoek

    Anton van leeuwenhoek
    Leeuwenhoek established the refinement of microscopes, he first developed quality lenses by increasing from 20-30 to 270x. He also found the existence of single cell organisms and bacteria by looking at pond water with a microscope. Last his discovery is known as the great building blocks to the cell theory because without him scientist wouldn't be able to make the cell theory
  • Robert Brown

    Robert Brown
    Robert Brown established the nucleus in plant cells and the name. He discovered this by his regular observations in plant cells. Last he improved the cell theory because the same thing happened to inorganic matter and since there was no theory about it so he made a publishment called Brownian motion.
  • Mathies schleiden

    Mathies schleiden
    Schleiden established that all plant tissues are composed of cells, and that cells are basic building block of all plants. He established this by observing plants using the microscope because he felt that was the only way plants could be studied. Last he improved the cell theory because not only did he establish that cells were building blocks of life but also introduced new methods to batony science.
  • Theodore Schwan

    Theodore Schwan
    Schwan established that not only do plants have cells but animals are also composed of cells. He discovered this by doing experiments over a 4 year time period using heat and chemicals.
  • Rudolf virchow

    Rudolf virchow
    Virchow established cells only develop from existing cells first to propose that diseased cells come from healthy cells. He established this by caring out the first syentemmetic autopsies involving microscope examination of tissue. Last he improved the cell theory by making a leading medical journal that still exist.
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