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Cell Theory and The History of The Cell

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    Beggining of it All

    Beggining of it All
    The Cell Theory | Aristotle's Contribution | Event view - XTimelineApproximately 384 B.C. Aristotle Was one the very first historically known people who started intrest in the scientific classification of animals. known for his experimental approach and numerous dissections. He was drawn to animal classification in order to discover aspects of connection between the soul and the human body. Some of his animal classifications still stand today.
  • Bad Science and Theorys

    Bad Science and Theorys
    Bad ScienceThrough out the early years of men there weremany ideas of living being produced by nonliving things, also known as Spontaneous Generation. In the early 1600s Jan Baptista Van Helmont developed the scientific recipe for the generation of mice, which of course, was later found to be false and realized as being bad science.
  • Birth of the microscope

    Birth of the microscope
    The Janssen Microscopearound the 16th century Zacharias janssen and his father Hans are susspected to have created the very first microscope.Janssen's microscope consists of three draw tubes with lenses inserted into the ends of the flanking tubes.The Janssen microscope was capable of magnifying images approximately three times when fully closed and up to ten times when extended to the maximum
  • Naming of the cell

    Naming of the cell
    Hooke's contribution to the Cell TheoryRobert Hooke discovers the cellular composition of cork and introduced the word cell to science. Hooke brings a whole new leval of classification to the science world by creating the word cell.
  • Anton's Improvements

    Anton's Improvements
    Anton's polished lenses Anton van Leeuwenhoek helped contribute to the further more reaserch of cells by introducing the polished lenses to microscopes.
  • New Animal Classification

    Primitive cell theory - Life Sciences FoundationNew animal classification was upon creation. Lorenz Oken , A German scientist came up with a new system of animal classification that demonstrated the path of evolution. Oken also proposed in his book Die Zeugung (The Conviction) that “all organic beings originate from and consist of vesicles or cells.
  • The Discovery of The Cell's Nucleus

    The Discovery of The Cell's Nucleus
    Robert Brown-the man who discovered the nucleusRobert Brown, a scottish botanist, was observing 1700 plants, during this, he was scrutinizing the epidermis of a collection of orchids with his microscope, Brown found that the cells contained an opaque spot. He sensed that this spot was a key component of cells and called them "nucleus" - a term which is still being used today.
  • The Advancement For The Knowledge of Cells

    The Advancement For The Knowledge of Cells
    the knowledge of cellsThe world advances on, as along with our knowledge of cells and their existance. Matthias Schleiden, a German botanist, discovered that plants are made up of cells, he als stated that all plant tissues are composed of cells and that an embryonic plant arose from a single cell He declared that the cell is the basic building block of all plant matter.
  • enlargement of Schleiden's cell theory

    enlargement of Schleiden's cell theory
    THeodor Shwann's theoryTheodor Shwann was a German physiologist who served as an assistant to Johannes Müller, Schwann was a master microscopist who examined animal tissue, specifically working on notochord development in tadpoles. In 1839, he extended Schleiden's cell theory to animals, stating that all living things are composed of cells.
  • Adding to the Classification of Cells

    Adding to the Classification of Cells
    Cell Theory-RoellikerAlbrecht von Roelliker is able to prove that cells are only produced by other cells, and that many theorys of cells are false. In the process of his research, Roelliker was able to soon realize that sperm cells and egg cells are also considered cells.
  • The First Proof of the false hood

    The First Proof of the false hood
    Cells produce cells/ TimetoastFinally, someone is able to prove that spontaneous generation is false. And that someone is said to be Louis Pasteur. Pasteur was the first person who was able to prove that cells are only produced by other living cells by creating an experiment that showed cells would only grow in broth if air was exposed.
  • The Statement of Reproduction

    The Statement of Reproduction
    Princeton-Cell Theory Rudolf Virchow, a German doctor, anthropologist, pathologist, prehistorian, biologist and politician, stated that all living things come from other living things. in a sum, Virchow destroyed the theory of spontaneous generation by saying that only living cells can produce more living cells.