Cell phones (past)

  • Samuel Morse

    Samuel Morse
    [http://www.thehistoryof.net/history-of-cell-phones.html](leading up to the start of the cell phone)Samuel morse invented the electromagnetic telegraph
  • Michael faraday

    Michael faraday
    discovered that space was a good electrical conductor
  • Period: to

    leading up to the cell phone

    from the start of the invention of the electromagnetic telegraph people have been adding and twicking things to make it better which leads up to the invention of the cell phone
  • james maxwell

    james maxwell
    he published a book called the dynamical theory of the electromagnetic feild
  • Drimahlon loomis

    Drimahlon loomis
    developed a method of transmitting and receiving messages by using the earth’s atmosphere as a conductor
  • martin cooper

    martin cooper
    teaming up with motorola he teamed up with motorola developing portable products
  • big step in mobile communication

    cell phone timeline car phones were created
  • the first call

    the first call
    making the call martin cooper made the first wirless call to at&t