Cell Phones

  • Motarola

    On September 25, 1928, Paul Galvin and his brother, Joseph, incorporated Motorola's founding company in Chicago, Illinois USA.
  • Car Phones

    Car Phones
    The first real car phones, not car radios, come into play accross the United States.
  • First cellphone

    First cellphone
    Martin Cooper created something that would change the world. Cellphones. He invented the first cellphones in 1973. It wasn't a cellphone that would fit in your pocket but Martin Cooper thought it would handy through out their lifes. Mafrtain Cooper was concidered toi be the first person to ever make a phone call on the portable cellphone in 1973
  • Who invented mobile phone text messaging?

    Matti Makonnen was the person who invented the mobile phone text messaging in 1975. He is a very modest guy from Finland who changed millions of lives.
  • Motorola Flip Ups

    Motorola Flip Ups
    The First Motorola Flip ups phones were invented in 1989 17th March.
  • Music Cell phones

    Music Cell phones
    The Motorola Rokr, released in September 2005, was the first music phone to incorporate Apple's music software. It allowed users to transfer songs purchased from iTunes to the phone for listening on the go.
  • Touch screen mobile phone.

    Touch screen mobile phone.
    The touch screen mobile phone was invented in 22nd January 2007. It's from South Korea. Its one on the World's First Completely Touch Screen Mobile Phone.
  • Iphones

    Steve Jobs invented i phones in 29th June 2007 along with help from everyone who works at Apple. When i phones first came out it worth at least $1000 and very popular.
  • Slide up phones

    Slide up phones
    The world First Slide up phones were invented in 2007.
  • Parrot Phones

    Parrot Phones
    The first thing people noticed about the Parrot phone is how slim it was. Its a rechargeable battery allows the Parrot Minikit Slim to be used without a power cable. Its very handy to use since we were not aloud to talk on the phone while driving. Its usually worth about $119.
  • Samsung Phones

    Samsung Phones
    Mr. Kimwung invented the Samsung phone in 2008 8th September. There are 2 cameras one with 2 Megapixel & 2x optical zoom messaging, video recording, It was quite popukar in those days.