Cell Phones

  • The technology is discovered

    The technology is discovered
    Cell infoA Virginia Scientist, Dr. Mahlon Loomis, develops a method of communicating through the earth’s atmosphere by using an electrical conductor. He later received a grant from the U.S. Congress for $50,000.
  • Across the Ocean

    The first trans-Atlantic telegraph is built (not much to do with cell phones, but a major advancement in communication still)
  • Police Phones

    The Police Department in Detroit, Mich. begins installing mobile radios in their squad cars. They encounter many problems such as overcrowding on the channels and terrible interference.
  • First service

    The first mobile-telephone service is established in St. Louis, Miss. The system is comprised of six channels that add up to 150 MHz, but due to massive interference, the equipment barely worked.
  • Car Radio

    Car Radio
    AT&T comes out with the first radio-car-phones that can be used only on the highway between New York and Boston; they are known as push-to-talk phones. AT&T declares the project a failure.
  • Radio Common Carriers

    The FCC authorizes the widespread use of many separate radio channels to other carriers. They are know as Radio Common Carriers (RCC)
  • Actual Car Phones

    Actual Car Phones
    The first real car phones, not car radios, come into play accross the United States. Although, the system is still using push-to-talk phones, it is an improved version that acctually works.
  • Standard in the U.S.

    The self-dialing capability is now upgraded to 450 MHz and becomes standard in the United States. This new service is known as (IMTS) Improved mobile telephone service.
  • First Call on Portable Phone

    Dr. Martin Cooper invents the first personal handset. He takes his new invention to New York City and shows it to the public. His is credited with being the first person to make a call on a portable mobile-phone.