Cell Phones

  • radio-car-phones

    click hereAT&T Came out with First radio car phones. But they were only useable on dee freeways:)
  • first actual car phone that wasnt a radio

  • First cellphone released to public!

    First cellphone released to public!
    first cellphone was released to public but you needed a whole suitcase type thing to operate it!
  • First mobile phone ever!

  • crackberry addiction

  • Fist flip phone

    Fist flip phone
  • Introduction of mobile web

  • first phone without an antenna was the nokia 3210

    the first phone made with out an external antenna also the first phone that had text messaging!
  • First Camera Phone! Click Click!

    the first phone made with a camera was J-SH04
  • intro to 3G high speed data.

  • Apple releases the Iphone!!!!:)

    apple came out with first ever iphone the smart phone!
  • The firt real google phone

    he Nexus One represented the first time that Google released its own mobile phone hardware <<<<< and ^^^^^^^ is all from a website called http://cellphones.lovetoknow.com/Cellular_Phone_Timeline