Cell Phone Timeline

  • Cells for mobile phones

    The introduction of cell for moble phon base stations.
  • First call on handheld mobile phone

    Maneger of motorala made first phone call on mobiloe phone.
  • First commercial for cellular network

    First commercuial for cell phones was launched in Japan by NTT.
  • Intro of text messaging

    A group of Euorpeans who were trying to improve the system of GSM brought text messeging to the world
  • First commercial for text messaging

    First text messeging commercial used with Nokia was launched in China and Japan
  • Intro of phone fashion

    Motorola StarTAC was introdused in 1996 was an 3.1 ounce phone (friken alsome at the time)
  • Web integration of cell

    The cell phonhe each day got better and better each time
  • Intro of smart phone

    The smart phone costed around 400$-500$.
  • Combining the PDA with the cell phone

    When the PDA and the cell phone where conbined they made this awsome new phone that every one whanted to have.
  • Swivel fashion I.T phone

    the I.T phone was the best thing during 2003 in Hollywood... everyone had one.