cell phone history

By 899031
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  • cell for mobile phones

    cell for mobile phones
    the first cell for a mobile phone was created
  • Introduction of text messaging

    Introduction of text messaging
    this is when text messaging was first created
  • Introduction of Bluetooth

    Introduction of Bluetooth
    the first bluetooth was created
  • Introduction of smart phone

     Introduction of smart phone
    the first smart phone was created
  • 3g and standard standardization

    3g and standard standardization
    the first 3g phone was created
  • P.D.A Phones

    P.D.A Phones
    the first cell phone combined with a P.D.A
  • Intro of IT phone

    Intro of IT phone
    the first it phone was created
  • Cell phone camera

    Cell phone camera
    the first cell phone with a camera
  • cell phone recycling act

    cell phone recycling act
    America started a cell phone rcycling act
  • The music cell phone

    The music cell phone
    the cell phone with music