Cell phone

Cell Phone

  • The First cell phone

    Dr. Martin Cooper invented the first portable cell phone
  • the cell phone goes public

    It took ten years for the technology that Dr. Cooper invented to become available to the public.
  • The first flip phone

    The flip phone is introduced

    Motorola came out with a new design where the mouth piece flipped over the top of the keypad. It was the first flip phone.
  • Text messaging is developed

    Text messaging is developed

    Developers in Europe came up with a way to send written messages over the phone. It was called texting.
  • leaving payphone buissness

    BellSouth announces that it is leaving the pay phone business because there is too much competition from cell phones.
  • The first smart phone

    The first smart phone is invented

    The smart phone could send and receive emails and messages, but it didn't have a speaker or microphone. This meant it needed a headset to work.
  • motorola razr v3

    the motorola razr v3 came out it was best remembered for being ultra thin and talk time up to 7 hours
  • apple launched

    Apple launched its first iPhone. The company described the phone as combining three products into one handheld device: a mobile phone, an iPod and a wireless communication device.
  • The iphone 5s

    the company apple debuted the iPhone 5S as its new high-end phone, complete with faster processor, fingerprint scanner and improved camera. But it also rolled out the 5C, which sports a plastic case and comes in five colors but is otherwise largely similar inside to the iPhone 5 that was released a year ago.