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    In 2000, salsa diva Celia Cruz showed off her award for best salsa performance at the first annual Latin Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. 1989
    "Ritmo En El Corazon
    Best Tropical Latin Performance
  • date of birth

    date of birth
    Celia Cruz was born in Havana, Cuba on October 21, 1925
  • One of her Favorite word

    Azucar! was one of her favorite word thats what gave the song a liitle bit more than humor,
  • Period: to

    Celia Cruz, The queen of Salsa!!

  • what she did?

    what she did?
    she use to sing salsa she was known as the queen of sala most of her songs were about happiness .
  • when she stared recording

    when she stared recording
    Cruz’s first recordings were made in 1948. In 1950, her singing career started its upward journey to stardom when she began singing with celebrated Cuban orchestra Sonora Matancera. Initially, there were doubts that Cruz could successfully replace the previous lead singer and that a woman could sell salsa records at all
  • when did celia cruz became a u.s citizen

    Cruz became a U.S. citizen in 1961, and Fidel Castro, enraged by Cruz’s defection, barred her from returning to Cuba.
  • death

    she died in Fort Lee New Jersey at the age of 77 from brain cancer.
  • Her Last Album

    Her Last Album
    In February 2004, her last album, Regalo del Alma, won a posthumous award at the Premios Lo Nuestro for best Salsa release of the year. It was announced in December 2005 that a musical called "Assuca" would open in Tenerife before touring the world. The name comes from Cruz's well-known catch phrase of "¡Azúcar!"