Causes of the Civil War Timeline

  • Period: to

    Civil war

  • Missouri Compromise

    The Missouri comprimise adds Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state. It also creates a imanginary line that seperates the Free states and non slave states.
  • Fugitive slave act 1850

    This was a law that forced people to return runaway slaves if they found them. Most northerners did not do this.
  • Compromise of 1850

    The senator Stephan A. Douglas decided that congress should debate and vote on the 5 Lead proposals. He thought this would be an end to all the arguments at once but it failed.
  • Formation of the republican party

    Fromed second parrty which wanted to ban slavery. This divided the south and north even more.
  • Kansas-Nebraska act

    Allowed citizens to vote on whether or not they want slavery in there state. This caused people from the north and south to pour in just to vote and once they did they left, it also caused alot of violence in the they two settlements
  • Dred Scott Decision

    The slave Dread Scott moved into free land as a slave then sued the goverment for fredom. The supreme court rejected this. which rose tentions between the south and north even more.
  • Lincoln/Douglas Debate

    The presidential debates between Lincoln and Douglas.
  • John browns Raid

    A group of abolitionist led by John Brown tried to rob an armory to start a rebellion against slave holders. But they were caught and Brown was executed.
  • Lincoln elected

    Lincoln was elected for president.