Catalyst by Laurie Halse Anderson, Fiction, 231

By ja_bear
  • Chapters 1-6, 1-132, total 132

    In these chapters, the story starts off by describing the main character, Kate Malone, and all about how her life is crumbling into pieces. She finds out that she doesnt get into her dream college, the only college that she applied to, her enemie moves into their house for weeks, and she is fighting with her friends and family.
    1-132 pages; total (132)
  • Chapters 7-10, 132- 181pages, total 181

    In these chapters, while they are working on repairing Terrys house, they find Mikey dead in one of the rooms. Terry gets depressed and starts tearing apart the house a few days after the funeral. Kate continues to push everyone away while she tries to deal with being declined from her dream college.
    141-190; total (190)
  • Chapters 10-13,181-231 pages, total 231

    In these last few pages, Kate finally comes to terms with the fact that she is goign to have to wait a year for college and she stops fighting with her boyfriend. Her and Terry stop fighting and in the end, they start rebuilding the house again together.
    190-231; total (231)