Castor Timeline

By edw4073
  • Migration of the people

    People from Newfoundland migrated to Castor in search of a new life.
  • Bringing Cattle

    The group of French Outcasts brought a small group of cattle with them. they cattle breeded and now there is a group of cattle that roams Castor.
  • First Goverment

    The people of Castor orrignially decided the would be communist under one ruler. The decided this ruler would be Marie Crescenta. Her first order was to make the capital of Castor Crescenta. Crescenta would be located on the south eastrern peninsula.
  • First Modern Goalie Helmet

    First Modern Goalie Helmet
    Orriginaly made out of wood and leather from the cattle the people of Ocean Ridge invented the first goalie helmet. While the people were making more, a representive from Castor traveled to Canada. Presenting it to one of the top leagues the asked for hundreds more. Today Castor's brand is well known Bauer.
  • First Exploration of Beaver Islands

    The First explorers set foot on Beaver Islands and find thousands of beavers occupining the area from Canada.
  • Castor Civil War

    At the end of the economic downfall the people of Castor have to choose a new goverment. The eastern side was communist while the western was for Democracy. The Western side won the war in the battle of La Fournure.
  • The Town La Fournure

    The Town of La Fournure was created to unite the Eastern and Western parts of Castor as one.
  • The creation of Castor's Flag

    The Goverment decided that the country needed a flag. The wanted to symbolize the nation's animal the Beaver and the castor Civil war. The decided that the flag would have white and blue stripes to show the Eastern and western parts of Castor united as one. The also put a beaver in the top left corner to reconigze the countries animal.
  • Gold Found

    Gold Found
    In 1948 two Craftsmen from Paradis went to one of the tributaries of the River Incroyable on a fishing trip. While they were waiting one of the men noticed something different in the river. One of the men picked it up and noticed it was gold! The news spread quick and everyone was going to the nearest tributary in search of Gold.
  • Finding Oil

    Finding Oil
    The people of Paradis ventured to the western part of the Island in search of Oil. Instead the the went of the issland and started drilling for oil. The found a huge deposit.The travelers collected as much as the could and rushed to Crescenta to inform the Goverment of this new resource. In return the travelers were rewarded with 1,000n dollars each.
  • Founding Document

    The Castor Goverment finnaly decided to make a Founding Document in 1970. This would be the Declaration of Castor. It stated that all citizens had the freedom of speech, religion, press, and they have the right to leave castor to pursuit a new life elsewhere.
  • Castor Day

    This holiday is in remembrence of the first people of Castor. This is the first of many.
  • United Nations Meeting

    We try to join the United Nations