Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, and W. Bush administrations

By ekeller
  • Stonewall Riot

    Stonewall Riot
    This was the first in a series of spontaneous riots against the persecution of homosexuals. It begun at the Stonewall Inn in New York City.
  • The Me Decade

    The Me Decade
    This whole decade was considered the "me" decade because people were more concerned on how things affected them. This is shown through: self-improvement books, New-Age Movement, Transcendental Meditation, more women joined the workforce, family sizes decreased, and the divorce rate doubled.
  • Period: to

    Time Span of the Carter, Raegan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, and W. Bush administrations

    Time Span of the administrations
  • Jimmy Carter is elected president

    Jimmy Carter is elected president
    Jimmy Carter beat Gerald Ford in the 1976 election, becoming the first president from the deep south to be president since President Zachary Taylor. He was considered to be an outsider from Washington, coupled with the image of being morale, many trusted him to be president.
  • Panama Canal Treaty

    Panama Canal Treaty
    The Panama Canal Treaty was re-evaluated and the United States decided to return the Panama Canal by the year 2000.
  • Camp David Accords

    Camp David Accords
    The Camp David Accords were a treaty signed between Anwar Sadat, Egyptian President, and Menachem Begin, Israel prime minister.
  • Reagan for President

    Reagan for President
    Raegan beat Jimmy Carter in the 1980 election because of the Iran hostage situation.
  • U.S. Boycott the Olympics

    U.S. Boycott the Olympics
    In 1980. President Carter had the United States boycott the Moscow Olympics because they invaded Afghanistan. Moreover, the United States placed a grain embargo on Russia because of this act.
  • Trickle Down

    Trickle Down
    Ronald Reagan implemented the trickle down or supply side economics. Basically, what this consisted of is give tax cuts to the wealthy to encourage investment, cut social spending programs, and increase military spending.
  • Reagan Doctrine

    Reagan Doctrine
    The Reagan Doctrine was established to primarily build up the United States military. Also, it gave aid to those who opposed communism.
    Aid was given to:
    -Afghan rebels who opposed the Russians
    -Contras who wanted to overthrow the socialist Sandinista of Nicaraqua.
  • Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) or "Star Wars"

    Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) or "Star Wars"
    Regan proposed the SDI in order to develop a system to intercept and eventually destroy nuclear weapons.
  • Troops to Grenada

    Troops to Grenada
    President Reagan sent troops to Grenada, a Carribean Island, to remove the communistic government and set one up more favorable to the United States.
  • Reagan Wins again

    Reagan Wins again
    President Reagan won re-election against democratic Walter Mondale.
  • Sandra Day O'Connor

    Sandra Day O'Connor
    Sandra Day O'Connor becomes the first femal Justice of the Supreme Court.
  • Iran-Contra Affair

    Iran-Contra Affair
    This affair came to light in november of 1986. Basically, this scandal was members of the Regan Administration was selling weapons to Iran for exchange of United States hostages in the Middle East. The Proft from the "sales" funded Contras, after it was forbade by U.S. Congress.
  • Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

    Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty
    President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Premir Mikhail Gorbachev signed this treaty that was later ratified by congress on May 27, 1988
  • George H.W. Bush for Pres.

    George H.W. Bush for Pres.
    George H.W. Bush was elected President and beat out democratic representative Michael Dukakis.
  • Americans With Disabilities Act

    Americans With Disabilities Act
    This act served to allow access and forbis discrimination to the mentally and physically disabled.
  • Clinton for Pres.

    Clinton for Pres.
    President William Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush in the 1992 election.
  • North American Free Trade Agreement

    North American Free Trade Agreement
    This agreement usually abbreviated as "NAFTA," was created with Mexico and Canada to promote free trade and also compete with the European Union.
  • Welfare reform act

    Welfare reform act
    This act was to reform welfare as it had been since its beginnings. It made work as a factor of eligibility and added new standards that citizens had to follow to receive welfare.
  • George W. Bush wins presidential election

    George W. Bush wins presidential election
    George W. Bush, son of George H.W. Bush, won the 200 election agaist democratic candidate Al Gore and Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader.
  • 9/11

    Terrorist attacks led by radical muslim leader Osama Bin Ladenof Al Qaida on New York CIty were plane crashes into the twin towers and the pentagon.
  • Patriot Act

    Patriot Act
    This act was passed to make it easier for Congress to conduct surveillence inside of the United States.
  • Department of Homeland Security

    Department of Homeland Security
    This was created in response to 9/11 terrorist attacks and coordinated US agencies to combat terrorism
  • Bush reelected!

    Bush reelected!
    George W. Bush was reelected as President of the United States.