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  • bathing machines

    bathing machines
    was a device, popular from the 18th century until the early 20th century, to allow people to change out of their usual clothes, change into swimwear, and wade in the ocean at beaches.
  • Punch card system

    Punch card system
    The punch card system was first put in to widespread use during the 1890 united states census,although inventors had previouslytinkered with earlier versions.
  • Bench seats in cars

    Bench seats in cars
    These seats were cheaper and allowed more occupants than individual seats .these seats stop when they started putting cupholders and other things in middle of the seat.
  • fax machines

    fax machines
    while the human race,by and large we have moved out of fax machines. Now we have the technology that has fax/copier/printer.fax machines are still used just not alot anymore.
  • 8 track technology

    8 track technology
    8 track players emerged in the 1950s and revolutionized how people listen to music while in the car.no longer we can connect to bluetooth in the car now to stay safe and its easy
  • slides projectors

    slides projectors
    If you need to turn those shows into a presentation, you have your choice if apps that let u create slides. However when the abitily required actual slides.These slides have to be projected via massive,loud machines.
  • paper maps

    paper maps
    paper maps are an obsolete because GPS were invented in 1973
    paper maps were used alot up till they became obsolete.There world researchs say they started becoming obsolete.
  • Polaroid instant pictures

    Polaroid instant pictures
    Human race in 2020 has it so easy now for them,an "instant" picture is any image they capture on there smartphone. polariod would have to shake the photo for some reason.
  • alarm clocks

    alarm clocks
    from the 1787 to 2008 alarm clocks were sold and used a good amount but then phones and digital alarm clock became.
  • type writers

    type writers
    in 2011 The World last remaining manual typewriter manufacturer cloased for good. The human race has grown out of typer writers we dont need them anymore we have computer