Carly Motz's Chapter 24 Timeline.

  • Period: to

    Carly Motz Chaoter 24 timline

  • • The Japanese Army invades Manchuria

    •	The Japanese Army invades Manchuria
    The invasion of Manchuria and the war mobilization efforts attempted to create a strong empire, which could eventual compete with these world powers.
  • mussolini conquers Ethiopia

    mussolini conquers Ethiopia
    Italy attacked Ethiopia to seek revenge
  • munich conference

    munich conference
    Neville Chamberlain, the British prime minister, met Adolf Hitler at his home in Berchtesgaden. Hitler threatened to invade Czechoslovakia unless Britain supported Germany's plans to take over the Sudetenland. After discussing the issue with France and Czechoslovakia, Chamberlain informed Hitler that his proposals were unacceptable.
  • • Hitler (Germany) invades Poland, beginning WWII

    •	Hitler (Germany) invades Poland, beginning WWII
    hitler and his natzs invaded poland using the new blitzcreak technech the yused air power follwed by tanks and artillery and finally round troups to over welm poland than less than a month england and france promised to help poland but they couldnt mobilize their troops fast enough.