Cariboo Gold Rush

By 646947
  • Beginning of the California Gold Rush.

  • Hudson's Bay Company had collected gold in small quantities from First Nations in New Caledonia.-During the 1850's, 424,000 British and 914,000 Irish would come to America.

  • Sewing machine invented-First double decker bus used in transit.-Gold found in New South Wales, Australia.-Sir James Douglas was appointed the second governor of the Colony of Vancouver Island.

  • Americans ascending the Columbia River discover gold in British territory.

  • News of gold on the Thompson River leaks out. By the summer of 1857, miners arrive on Fraser and Thompson Rivers from Washington and Oregon.

  • Sir James Douglas, worried about the Americans claiming British territory in the Cariboo

  • -Gold Rush brought immigrants from Hong Kong to the port of Victoria

  • Cariboo Gold Rush bring men and women from all over to the Cariboo.

  • British North American Act establishes Dominion of Canada.

  • Gold rush starts dwindling