Canadian History 1920s & 1930s Timeline

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  • Suffrage

    During 1917, women were arguing that they deserved the same rights and responsibilities as men because they were “created equal” in Canada. The wartime elections act opened to women's suffrage. At last, the women could vote in most provinces, but not until 1940 in Quebec. Also, women could vote in all federal elections unless you were first nations
  • Spanish Flu

  • Prohibition

    In March 1918, Canadian Prime Minister Borden stopped to make alcohol. He called for a prohibition of alcoholic drinks in Canada. The temperance societies believed that if people stopped buying alcohol, then the money would be used to improve their life, based on causing many society’s ills such as crime, violence, etc. It caused people access to get alcohol in an easy way, some of the people kept smuggled alcohol over the US border even if the provincial prohibition were repealed.
  • Bloody Saturday

  • Immigration Act

  • Winnipeg General Strike

    On May 15, 1919, more than 30,000 workers left their jobs to join the strike in Canada. It included postal workers, firefighters, some police officers. They walked off the job to protest low wages, working hours, and other poor working conditions. The resulted in arrests, injuries, deaths of two protestors, and many strikers lost their jobs.
  • Group of Seven

  • Insulin

  • Chinese Exclusion Act

  • Telephone

  • Persons Case

  • Child Labour Law

  • Stock Market Crash

  • On-To-Ottawa-Trek

  • St.Louis