Year 2001

Canadian Events Of 2001

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    canada 2001

  • new 10 dollar bill released

    new 10 dollar bill released
    • new enhancedsecurity features
  • mysterious envelope

    mysterious envelope
    An envelope mailed to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan containing a mysterious blue powder caused the Immigration Canada building to be sealed off. A Winnipeg laboratory on February 1 said the powder posed no health risk.
  • mad cow scare

    mad cow scare
    Canada begins banning imports of beef and beef products from Brazil due to concerns of mad cow disease.
  • foreighn

    Prime Minister Jean Chrétien becomes the first foreign leader to visit the newly elected President of the United States, George W. Bush, in Washington, D.C.
  • medical marijuana

    medical marijuana
    Canada becomes the first country in the world to legalize medical marijuana
  • U.S. conflict

    U.S. conflict
    Canada's border with the United States is on high alert in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in the United States. Canadian government initiates both "Operation Support" and "Operation Yellow Ribbon."
  • war efforts

    war efforts
    the 2001 Attack on Afghanistan begins. Canadian fighter pilots and ground troops are involved in the war
  • gay bashing?

    gay bashing?
    Vancouver resident Aaron Webster is killed in what many believe to be a gay bashing attack