Canada's international involvement between 1945-2011 David Pham

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  • Gouzenko Affair

    Igor Gouzenko was a Russian spy living in Canada; tired of USSR he betrays the USSR and gave valuable intel to the canadian government
  • Canada joins United Nations

    The day the United nations was formed Canada was there; making it one of the founding members of the United Nations
  • Iron Curtain Speech beginning of Cold War

    At the beginning of the Cold War Winston Churchill made a speech about the war of the ideology of Democracy(US) and Communism(USSR)
  • Berlin Airlift

    During the Cold war East Berlin was cut off because of the iron curtain, so the democratic nations had to fly in and send supply to the isolated part of Berlin
  • Canada joins NATO!

    Canada join the rest of the democratic nations in a alliance called NATO
  • Canada enters the Korean War!

    -Canada sent soldiers to Korea to fight off the north koreans and prevent communism from spreading
    -one of Canada's first U.N. mission
  • The Suez Crisis

    In 1956 Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal. This action by Eygpt antagonized the British and French who then attacked Eygpt. The UN asked Canada to keep the peace. Under the leadership of Canadian Lester Pearson, who created the first ever UN peacekeeping force, peace was achieved. Pearson later was awarded the Noble Prize for Peace.
  • Canada joins Norad!

    Canada and US agreement to watch the aerospace and warn each other of enemy(russian) planes
  • Canadian Peace-Keepers in Cyprus!

    When Cyprus gained independence from Britain the nation of Cyprus was in chaos and was vulnerable to other nations invading. Canada entered and helped peacekeeping and helped build the government
  • Canada recognizes communist China!

    China's government falls under communism and invests in China
  • Canada enters the Gulf War!

    Canada was one of the first nations to condemn Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and joined the US coalition
  • Cold War ends!

    -The cold war ends with democratic side winning
    -Europe was no longer an iron curtain for Russia
  • Canadian Peacekeepers in Bosnia!

    Canada help secure the future of Bosnia making it safer and more stable
  • Canadian Peacekeepers in Somalia!

    Canada national shame when canadian soliders beat up a somali teenager to death and pose for photos
  • Canadian Peacekeepers in Rowanda!

    -The United nations failed to prevent the genocide in Rowanda because they didnt listen to the canadian UN general Daillaire
  • War on Terror!

    Canada joined the U.S. and assisted them in tracking down Osama and his terroist group Al-Qaeda because of the 9/11 attacks
  • Canada with NATO enters Afghanistan!

    Canada along with democratic members of NATO joined the United States War on Terror in Afghanistan
  • Osama Bin Laden is announced dead OH YEA! No school! International holiday!

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    Canada's international involvement between 1945-2011