Canadas home front: War preperation and its effect on woman and minorities

  • War Measures Act

    Suppressed rights of "Enemy alians". Including Ukrainian, German, Polish, Austrian, Czech and Slovic descendants.
    Many immigrants were interned unjustly.
  • Hughes Shell Committee

    Set to respond to orders made by the British and Canadian army
  • Canada is called to war

    Britian declares war on Germany after they invade neutral Belgium. As Canada is part of Britain's empire, they are dragged into the conflict.
  • The War Mesaures Act

    Created at the outbreak of the war, the act reserved for the federal governmetn the right to govern by executive decree in times of perceived "war, invasion, or insurrection".
  • First troop landing in England

    30000 troops
  • Supply increase

    Wheat, lumber, meat, dairy products, and minerals were all required for the war, causing an increase in demand and jobs for Canadians
  • Imperial Munitions Board

    Coordination of artillary shells and other materials
  • War purchasing commison coordinated military procurement

  • Over 100000 Canadian troops over seas

  • Munitions Resources Commission supervised the conservation of natural resources

  • Canada produced IMB (Imperial Munitions Board)

    For shell production
  • Board of grain manage wheat market

  • Battle of Arras

    Large amounts of Canadian troops were needed
  • Canada turned to the US for supplies

  • Fuel Controller coordinated fuel imports, exports, production and distribution

  • War Trade Board managed import and export licenses

  • Canadian food board managed food distribution

  • Women in the war effort

    Canadian women were sent overseas as nurses, ambulence drivers and staff officers.