Canada in a the 1950's

By rsarge
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    Canada 1950's

  • Korean War

    Korean War
    Canada arrives-The Korea was divided into 2, along the 38th parallel, after WWII
    -The US had control over the South while The USSR had control over the North
    -The South became democractic while the North became Communist
    -Both US and USSR had pulled out of Korea by 1950
    -On June 5 1950 North Korea crossed the 38th parallel and attacked the South
    -The newly created UN determined that armed intervention as necessary to protect South Korea,
    -Canada is one the countires that signs up to fight in UN force
  • Korean War Part 2

    Korean War Part 2
    China enters the war- By mid April UN forces had crossed the 38th parallel and invaded North Korea
    -As UN forces pushed North Korea back they came closer to China
    -China actively gets invovled in supporting North Korea to protect their own borders from UN attack
    -By 1953 UN forces are pushed back across the 38th parallel.
  • Korean War armistace

    Korean War armistace
    war remembered-After 3 years of fighting North and South Korea signed an Armistace
    -The 38th parallel is created as a demilatarized zone
    -A peace treaty has never been signed so technically the war is still going on.
    -In total Canada sent 26,000 men
    -516 Canadians died during the war