Cameras Over The Years

  • Jan 1, 1500

    Dark room cameras

    Dark room cameras
    -Made by passing light through a small hole of a dark room.
    -When lens was put into hole it made the image brighter and sharper.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1500 to


    Cameras from the 16th century to modern day.
  • Daguerreotype

    -This invention was called the Daguerreotype and it produced a picture on metal. The down side was only one copy could be made.
  • 2-3 second Exposure

    2-3 second Exposure
    -Frederick Archer Scott developed a process that sped up the time for exposure from 30 minutes to 2-3 seconds by inventing the Collodion process.
  • Underwater Camera

    Underwater Camera
    -In 1856 the first underwater camera was introduced and they took the picture by it being mounted into the pole.
  • Flexible Film

    Flexible Film
    -George Eastman introduced flexible film, then 4 years later introduced the box camera as well, which took photos within 5 minutes but still had to be developed.
    -People said this was the real beginning of cameras.
  • Materials of the 1900

    Materials of the 1900
    -Most cameras in the 1900's were made from wood, and metals like brass and nickel.
    -These were sometimes covered in leather and often the maroon coloured bellows' corners were usually square cut.
  • 1910

    -Almost the same as the 1900's except roll film became more popular.
    -Also maroon bellows went out of style.
  • Polaroid Camera

    Polaroid Camera
    -The Polaroid camera was an instant camera that was made popular since people could have their picture within minutes.
  • Disposable Cameras and Rolled Film

    Disposable Cameras and Rolled Film
    -Sony put the first solid slate image sensor color video camera onthe market.
    -Disposable cameras were popular.
    -Rolled film was still around which didn't let you look at the picture until you developed it, like before.
  • Camera phones and Digital Cameras

    Camera phones and Digital Cameras
    -Start of camera phones and digital cameras being popular.
    -More technology was invented every year, not even close to the end of the battle of gadgets and gizmos.
  • Modern Cameras

    Modern Cameras
    -Modern cameras are sleek, extravagant and somewhat confusing, these cameras have levers that only a genius would know how to work.
    -Modern cameras take pictures almost instantaneously and allow you to look at the picture you have just shuttered with a click of a button.
    -New lenses,focuses,exposure,and shutters all contritubed to the newest cameras coming out.
  • How Do Camera's Affect Society?

    How Do Camera's Affect Society?
    Cameras have affected society because every little change makes a difference in this world. This new more modern technology grew to a point where today we can click a button and get a photo we used to have to wait 30 minutes for. We now we have things that depend on cameras for instance, Instagram.