Cameras timeline

  • the first camera

    the first camera
    Louis Le Prince was the inventor of the first camera. The first camera was not to create images but to study optics.
  • the first camera ,how it worked

    The first camera was essentially a room with a small hole on one side wall. Light would pass through that hole,and since it's reflected in straight lines, the image would be projected on the opposite wall, upside down.
  • the first photo

    the first photo
    the first photo with a camera was in 1826. the picture was a view from a window at Le Gras.
  • cameras in 1840

    cameras in 1840
    Henry Fox Talbot perfected a different process, the calotype, in 1840. As commercialized, both processes used very simple cameras consisting of two nested boxes. The rear box had a removable ground glass screen and could slide in and out to adjust the focus.
  • first camera that was available to everyone

    first camera that was available to everyone
    The Kodak camera This Original Kodak camera, introduced by George Eastman, placed the power of photography in the hands of anyone who could press a button. Unlike earlier cameras that used a glass-plate negative for each exposure, the Kodak came pre loaded with a 100-exposure roll of flexible film.
  • Cameras in the early 1900's

    Cameras in the early 1900's
    Cameras of the 1910's. Cameras of this era are still mainly of wooden folding construction, nickel plated parts are more common than lacquered brass, roll film becomes increasingly commonplace and red or maroon bellows go out of fashion towards the end of the period.
  • cameras in 1920

    cameras in 1920
    The 1920's marked an influential period in the history of photographs and cameras. SLR, or single lens reflex technology became more prevalent during the decade. Photographers of the epoch demonstrated an interest in important aesthetic movements which began to flourish after World War I.
  • cameras in 1950

    cameras in 1950
    One example of a 1950's camera is The Button Camera. In the beginning these cameras were extremely large and heavy but were used to capture candid shots. Because of their size they needed to be used with a strap and the photographer had to wear a large, heavy coat to hold the equipment.
  • cameras used in the 80's

    cameras used in the 80's
    people used disposable. also Polaroid instant cameras were used since the 1940's but started getting really popular around this time.
  • cameras in the 2000's

    cameras in  the 2000's
    there was cameras like the canon camera. these were a lot newer then the ones before and had advanced in quality.
  • cameras in 2010

    cameras in 2010
    these types of cameras are still used but mainly by photographers. they are also good quality.
  • cameras now (2021)

    cameras now (2021)
    cameras are a lot better quality. we can use phone cameras now as well because phone cameras are good quality. you can also take and use it anywhere you want