• Lecia A camera

    The Leica A is introduced and is the first 35-mm camera to gain commercial success because of its portability, superior construction and advanced lens quality.
  • Graflex speed graphic camera

    This camera was the first commercially available flash-bulb , around this time, general electric makes its own version of the flash-bulb.
  • Exakta camera

    The Exacta was a small design that remained unchanged until 1949
  • Poloroid camera

    The polaroid camera was the first camera to be made with an instant print!
  • Nikon camera

    The Nikon camera was the first camera that was a real professional and had been used by photojournalists
  • Kodak camera

    The Kodak camera was the first ever, fully automatic camera.
  • Sony maciva camera

    The sony mavica camera was the first commercially available electronic camera.
  • Konica minolta camera

    The Konica Minolta camera was the worlds’ first true autofocus, a variety of autofocus lenses are built for the camera
  • Fuji camera

    The Fuji camera was the first disposable camera, it was called the quick snap, it is boxed shape and took 20 pictures on 35-mm film
  • Cannon E0S

    The cannon EOS series was developed; the camera includes full electronic control throughout.