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  • Hatchet

    A young boy is going to visit his father for the summer,when his plane crashes in the middle of the forest. Now all hes left with is himself and a HATCHET.As a reader I enjoyed the book what about it did you like you ask i like the dedication he showed.My favourite part of the book was when he flies the plane
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  • Cor, blimey mate

    A book of action stories and poems, Cor Blimey, Mate will thrill the hearts of young and old, with tales about experienced and not so experienced hunters, their dogs, wild pigs, helicopters and guns. Many of the 18 short stories are based on true happenings.
  • A good keen man

    Barry Crumps a good keen man tells tales of when he was a deer culler.Many twelve pointers and big boars fell at his feet, 387 skins in 1 month what a hunter! This book is ideal for young hunters who know what its like to climb the harsh terrain of New Zealand country.
  • dances with boars

    dances with boars
    Dances with Boars is a personal collection of stories about learning the rights and wrongs regarding hunting. Learning from guys that had gained their skills over a lifetime of hunting. Make a mistake and they would not be shy about pointing it out.
  • just crazy

  • calf roping

    calf roping
  • down the rabbit hole

  • a passion for pig hunting

    a passion for pig hunting
    Thirt-four stories of pig hunting adventure based on the personal experiences of the author. Good hunts, great hunts & tragic hunts, all are the lot of this dedicated pig hunter. Superbly illustrated with colour photographs by the author and his partner Sheryl (a talented professional photographer).
    From the dense bush of the central North Island to the wide open spaces of the South Island the author has been chasing pigs with a dedication & success that few can equal.
  • Western Horseman: Chamanyne James on barrel racing

    Western Horseman: Chamanyne James on barrel racing
    Her name identifies an industry. Say "Charmayne" and it's like dropping Babe Ruth's moniker or Michael Jordon's or Lance Armstrong's. People who don't even follow the sport know that Charmayne James is the greatest barrel racer of all time.
    Her record speaks volumes. She's the all-time leading money earner in the sport – the first-ever million-dollar earner. She's won the most professional barrel racing world championships . this book is recomended for people who associate with the NZRCA.
  • footrot flats 9