California History

  • Jan 27, 1540

    Sir Francis Drake Becomes A Vice Admiral

  • Apr 21, 1542

    Cabrio Discovers California

  • Jun 27, 1542

    3 Ships Depart Europe for California!

    This was a very important day, and Caelan will update us on this event quite soon!
  • Jan 3, 1543

    Cabrio Dies :(

    Just one year after discovering California, Cabrio died. We all owe him a great debt of gratitude.
  • Jun 7, 1579

    Sir Francis Drake Sails Into "Drakes Bay"

  • Sir Francis Drake Dies :(

  • Sebastian Vizcaino Sails Into Monterey Bay

  • Mission Santa Cruz Founded

    This was one of 21 Missions that were founded in California. Thank You, Sonia!
  • John Sutter Is Born

    John Sutter is born. He has an exciting life ahead of him. Just like all of the kids in Ms. Brumis' class! Thank you Lyle!
  • San Diego Mission Sold!

    In 1834, the San Diego Mission was secularized and sold to private parties. The buildings fell into disrepair. Just goes to show you that some things shouldn't be privatized.
  • Settlers Revolt!

    A group of 30 Settlers, mostly American Citizens, revolted. They were bothered about something and Eva will update us soon. UPDATE FROM EVA.....
    Rumors of the Mexicans possibly taking action against these new, California settlers caused the settlers to seize a small California Garrison in Sonoma, California.
  • There's Gold In Them Thar Hills!

    Gold was found by Jamew W. Marshall. This was the beginning of the California Gold Rush, one of the first times in human history that getting rich "overnight" became possible for ordinary, everyday people. Thank you Mason, for all that Gold!
  • California Becomes A State

    California was admitted as the 31st State of the Union. Thank you, Grace, for making California a State.
  • Great San Francisco Earth Quake

    The first part of the earthquake started at 5:12am. It was a Wednesday! What a terrible way to start a Wednesday. 3000 to 5000 people died in this tragic event.
  • Sierra Nevada Mountains Are HUGE!!

    They run 400 miles (640 km) north to south, and 70 miles east to west. Best of all, the Sierra Nevada Mountains are great for:
    Photography Aren't things that are named Sierra Awesome!! and all sorts of other things.