Calculus BC

  • AP polar practice

    I probably need to touch up a ltitl bit on finding the collision points but other than that I feel pretty good about polar stuff
  • AB review

    I feel pretty good about all of the things we covered today from last year. I might touch up a iittle on some of the formulas etc. but overall its pretty good
  • diffi Q review

    I feel pretty comfortable with diffyQ's but i need to memorize the logistics model or at least be able to derive it quickly.
  • Infinate Series review

    I am more comfortable with infinite series' than with taylor series' but it still needs a little touching up.
  • Taylor/Maclaurin Review

    From the practivce tests that we have done as well as from the unit itself I feel like this is the section that I need to review the most.I was comfortable with it at one point so i feel confident that i can efresh my memory without to much difficulty.
  • Advanced Integration techniques review

    I feel pretty good about most of these techniqus. It wille good for me to review them a little bit to practice figuring out when to use each one but i feel pretty comfortable from there
  • Volumes and areas review

    today we reviewed the different methods for finding areas between curves, volumes of revolution, and volumes of shapes with known cross sections. I feel pretty good about these techniques so i will probably not spend too much additional time reviewing these
  • Polar review day

    I feel pretty good about the meterial reviewed today. I need to practice my conversions though
  • Polar Test

    I found this test to be OK. There were some parts that I knew really well like the area graphing but other parts that I was a little more shakey on like some of the polar to cartesian conversions
  • Practice day

  • More Review

    Feeling pumped for the BIG game!!
  • pregame day

    sorry to have missed this day for an AP test

    Most of this went awesome. the only thing i dont feel sure about was one question on the second free response section but othere than that I ahd a lot of time left over!!
  • Day offf

    I missed this day also for an AP but it doesnt looke like we did much anyway
  • begin project

    Brian and I are going to make a java program that graphs polar equations and finds their integrals etc. I am responsible for buiklding the GUI