bubonic plague

By the fat
  • Jan 1, 1350

    The black death

    it was created in 1348 and disopered in 1350.
    The pathogen that was responsible was Yersinia pestis.
  • plague

    Plague had been around in England for centuries but in 1665 the so-called Great Plague hit the country.
    In 1666 when the great fir of londen brock out it kill the bactirea and consequently got rid of the disease.
  • Skin cancer

    In reality, some mummies 2400 years old found in Peru were found to have had skin cancer.
    It is 400BC when they founded it.
    But they astablished it was a disease in 1806
  • ebola

    it was founded in 1967.
    There are four different types of the Ebola Virus: Zaire, Sudan, Reston, and Tai.
    the name came from one of the worst effected areas.
    It was named after a river.
  • Hiv

    a condition in humans in which progressive failure of the immune system.