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Bryan's Reading Log

By misrm7
  • A Divine Revelation Of Hell

    A Divine Revelation Of Hell
    This book was awesome because you felt like you were in it, "not like you would want to be" it was also very scary
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    Books I've Read This Year

  • Run Baby Run!

    A shocking story of a boy who is a cast out from home and is a true gang member who has killed a number of people all before he turned 18!
  • A Divine revelation of heaven

    A True stroy about a women who has been taken to heaven by jesus himself to write about what god has in store for us
  • A Crooks Crime academy for Children: Thiefs

    Crooks crime academy is an awesome book about a girl who steals and gets sent to a school with no rules except to respect other people, she hates it
  • The Youngest Tamplar

    It was a weird book that i wouldnt suggest it to anyone
  • world of warcraft: The sunwell trilogy

    I read this at my nana's too also based on my favourite computer game!
  • Danny the Champion of the world

    My favourite roald dahl books
  • BFG

    EWWWWW snozcumbers
  • Malice

    I loved the comics in it alot of people died though
  • Warhammer 40k The battle of yem

    I read this while i was at my nana's haha this book was based on one of my favourite Computer games!!
  • Just Shocking

    pretty grotty and grose but really funny haha
  • Charlie and the chocolate factory

  • Harry Potter and the Half blood prince

    This one was really good after i read the book i went and bought the movie
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the phoenix

    The books are getting longer and longer i didnt really like this one i got really bored
  • Harry Potter and the goblet of fire

    my favourite part was the tournement
  • Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban

    The 3rd of the series its amazing i enjoyed knowing that the bad guy becomes a good guy
  • Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    The 2nd of the series i liked the little goblin dude
  • Harry Potter and the Philosephers Stone

    This was one of my favourites of the series
  • Harry Potter and the deathly hollows pt 1

    not really as good as the other ones
  • Warhammer 40k = 700 pages

  • Cycle of Hatred

    The Burning Legion has been defeated, and eastern regions of Kalimdor are now shared by two nations: the orcs of Durotar, led by their noble Warchief, Thrall; and the humans of Theramore, led by one of the most powerful mages alive
  • World of Warcraft: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King

    Of all the Warcraft comic books, and novels I have read, Arthas has the most solid, balanced writing and best realized characters....There's much to love about this book....When it ended, I could feel the pangs in my heart as if I was one of the participants
  • Betrayel at Falador

    This was a good book that was based on my favourite compter game and i could definately read this book more than once.
  • The Return to Canfis

    This is the second book in the runescape titan series Return to Canifis is a powerful sequel and improves on it's already impressive predecessor in almost every way, pure high fantasy at it's finest