Bryan Viegas revolutionary war

  • French gives a hand

    French starts giving America a helping hand and gives them guns.
  • Bristish go after New York

    The British retreat from Boston and they decide to seize New York
    so they can try and stop the rebellion
  • British Make there move on New York

    Two Brothers General William Howe and Admiral Richard Howe join forces and sailed to New York with the largest British force of 32,000
  • British Take New York

    The battle of New York ended in August with Americans running across the Delware River like cowards.
  • Washington needs a Win

    Wadhington had only 8,000 man and he needed a victory to keep his men from going home.
  • Washington Attacks Trenton

    Washington wanted to risk everything on one bold strike on Christmas night. He crossed the Delware river and and captured 918 and killed 30.
  • Battle at Princeton

    America wins an other battle in Princeton against 1,200 Redcoats.
  • Period: to

    Valley Forge

    From 1777-1778, Washington and his men have a camp outside Philadelphia but they have to battle through snow storms and the freezing weather
  • British Take Philly

    General Howe takes the American Capital Philadelphia and forces the continetal army out of the city.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    America makes General Burgoyne surrender at Saratoga which was a very big win.
  • French and America makes peace

    French signs an alliance with America
  • Training the man

    Freidrich von Steuben volunteered his service to General Washington and he taught soldiers how to fight and get better
  • British move south

    British move south after there lost at Saratoga.
  • British in Savannah

    British easily took savannah in Georgia.
  • Governor back in Georgia

    The royal governor is back in Georgia
  • Lafayette helps out

    Marquis de Lafayette joined Washington staff and bore the misery of Valley Forge.
  • Charles Cornwalis is back

    Charles Conwalis replaced Howe in New York.
  • Slaves join the fight

    Thousands of African Americans join to fight against the British.
  • British takes South Carolina

    British have there best victory and captured south Carolina.
  • French come to save the day

    French Army of 6,000 land in Newport, Rhode Island. and went to help the Americans in the south.
  • Corwallis wins again

    Cornwallis wins another battle at Camden, South Caralina
  • Robert Morris helps out

    Congress appointed a rich merchant named Robert Morris as superintendent of finance.
  • Patriots are the underdogs yet again

    They fought at Cowpens, South Carolina and the British expected they will out numbered Americans, but America fought back and made them surrender.
  • Cornwallis attacks Greene

    Cornwallis is upset at his recent lost so he attack Greene at Guilford Court House.
  • Greene needs Help

    Greene writes a letter to Lafayette asking for help.
  • Troops get money

    Troops start getting gold coin.
  • British Surrender

    With troops outnumbered by 2 to 1 and exhausted from constant shelling Cornwallis finnaly raised the white flag.
  • Patriots Win

    British surrender near Yorktown and patriots win it all.
  • Patriots win is offical

    A triumphant Washington the french generals and their troops assembled to accept the British surrender.
  • British Established

    The British established in the south.
  • France and Americans are friends

    signed Treaty of Paris which confirmed U.S indepence and set the boundries of new nation.