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bruins legends

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  • bill cowley

    bill cowley
    very light weight, weighing 165 pounds, cowley dizzied defenders with his speed and goalscoring. he was considered to be a early wayne gretztky
  • wayne rivers

    wayne rivers highlights you've probally never heard much about Wayne Rivers. but in his early career he was a huge success to the bruins offense, in many seasons he played in
  • wayne cashman

    wayne cashman brawlcashmans job was to go into the corners and battle for the loose pucks. Using his size and feared reputation, more often than not he would come out of the corner with the puck as a result of this he had many assists.
  • bobby orr

    bobby orr flying goaljoined the bruins when he was only 18, considered one of the best hockey players of all time, won multiple stanley cups while with the bruins
  • derek sanderson

    derek sanderson fightall around bruin derek sanderson one of the biggest brawlers of all time
  • Phil Esposito

    bruins go over standsesposito was teamed up with Bobby Orr in Boston, forming one of the most dynamic scoring duos in hockey history, episito would redirect or get orrs passes and turn the into goals.
  • terry O reilly

    bruins go over standsTerry O'Reilly wasn't the best skater,the best scorer, or the best playmaker. In the history of the Boston Bruins he is far from the best player to be on the bruins, but no one played harder or endeared himself more to the Boston faithful.
  • johnny bucyk

    witnessed the arrival of superstars like bobby orr, he was inducted into the hall of fame, johnny averaged an impressive 20 goals a season
  • ray borque- date drafted

    ray borque was an all around hero for the boston bruins. he was an amazing defensemen and won the best defensemen of the year for the bruins many times
  • cam neely- date traded to bruins

    cam neely- date traded to bruins
    cam neely career highlightsoriginaly drafted to the canucks now one of the bruins biggest rivalries was the ultimate bruin he hit and fought and played 100% until the whistle cam neely is now one of the head leaders for the bruins orginization
  • adam oates

    all around hockey player, oates scored a career-high 45 goals, 97 assists and 142 points to finish third overall in regular season
  • patrice begeron

    patrice bergeron game winning overtime goalmost likely when patrice bergeron retires he will be drafted into the hockey hall of fame. bergeron is considered by most people one of the best hockey forwards of his time
  • zdeno chara

    best of zdeno charaat 6'9 zdeno chara has carried the bruins to the playoffs many years. a towering defender but yet a constant goal scorer.chara will very likely be inducted into the hockey hall of fame.
  • milan lucic

    lucic first shift first gamethe fan favorite. his name printed on the back of thousands of bostonians who are proud to wear his jersey. lucic dominates the ice in physical play along with his constant goal scoring.
  • mark recchi

    consisdered to be the father of the bruins stanley cup run in 2011, recchi was the sole engine of the bruins offense in 2011. rebounding,scoring, and redirecting. sonnly retired in 2012