Brown vs Board of Education

  • Laws of Kansas

    Laws of Kansas
    The Court day is over and it is decided that the Board of Education will continue to have power. White and blacks are still segregated in elementary and middle but in High school they are not separated.
  • Linda Brown

    Linda Brown
    Linda was 8 when the case went on. She was not aloud to join a all white school. Her father was the one who did the testimony in court
  • Brown Family

    Brown Family
    Consist of Oliver Brown, Leola Brown, Terry Brown and Linda Brown, in Topeka Kansas
  • Part of the court Decision

    Part of the court Decision
    Still in Kansas they say that the Plessy case hasnt been overruled so the board of education still has the power to make different schools based on race.
  • Tallahassee Democrat

    Tallahassee Democrat
    All the courts ban segregated schools so now all the students will soon be in the same schools in Tallahassee
  • Kansas Supreme Court Opinion

    Kansas Supreme Court Opinion
    In kansas all the cases that they have had are about blacks not being about to go to public schools. This segregation was made so it would hopefully make everyone equal under the 14th amendment.
    People said that the segregated schools were not equal even though the law said they were.
    Then they say does segregation really go based on the color of there skin when they still have the same learning chance as the whites going to school then. So the "Separate but Equal" was not equal at all.
  • Blacks Waiting for Decision

    Blacks Waiting for Decision
    There were people on the Supreme Court Steps when this case was getting settled.
  • Together!

    The schools at last are united and the blacks and whites are going to school together. It seems wierd at first but soon enough everything will be normal.