British History 1870 - Present

By Spatula
  • The First International Workingman's Association

  • Second Reform Act

  • Anglican church of Ireland disestablished

  • Introduction of state school system

  • Irish Land Act passed

  • Period: to

    Late Victorian Period

  • Period: to

    Wheat importation doubles

  • Period: to

    British "Age of Imperialism"

  • The Three Emporer's League

    Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia
  • Turkish troops massacare thousands of Christains in Bulgaria

  • Charles Bradlaugh and Annie Besont are tried for obscenity for advocating birth control use

  • The Dual Alliance

    Germany, Austria-Hungary
  • School is made compulsory for children under 11

  • Welsh radicals won 29 of the 32 Welsh parlimentary seats

  • Period: to

    "Fabianism" is the dominant form of British socailsim

  • Military coup de 'tat in Egypt

  • The Triple Alliance

  • Britain installs a ruler in Egypt

  • Corrupt Practices Act

  • Gaelic Athletic Association established

  • Third Reform Act

  • Imperial Federation League founded

  • The Redistribution Act

  • A congress of European statese in Berlin declares that any European nation could acquire a piece of Africa simply by occupying it and notify the other powers

  • The Contagious Disease Act is abolished

  • Period: to

    Scottish Home Rule Bills produced, none pass

  • "Bloody Sunday" - a violent riot takes place in response to high unemployment

  • Local Government Act

  • Gaelic League Established

    Preserve Irish language, extend its use among the people again, and cultivate a new literature in Ireland
  • Independent Labor Party formed

    Goal: "secure collective owenership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange"
  • Franco-Russian Alliance

  • Japan becomes a major power in the far east

  • Workman's Compensation established

  • Rudyard Kipling's "White Man's Burden"

  • Period: to

    Boer War

  • Both U.S. and Germany produce more iron and steel than Britain

    Both U.S. and Germany produce more iron and steel than Britain
  • More than a third of the meat in Britain is imported

  • Industry is 64% of the total natiional income, compared to agriculture's 6%

  • Illiteracy abolished

  • Approximatly 30,000 socialists in Britain

  • Young Scots Society founded

  • Labor Representation Commitee established

  • Union membership nearly doubles to 20% of male manual workers

  • Taff Vale Decision

    The House of Lords rules that unions are to pay compensation to companies for damages in a strike
  • Period: to

    Edwardian Period

  • Number of secondary schools doubles

  • Balfour's Education Act

  • Britain and Japan pledge mutual aid should either be attacked by more than one power in Asia

  • Women's Social and Political Union founded

  • Parliment reverses Taff Vale decisin

  • Schools can provide meals to poor children

  • Irish National University established

  • National Insurance Act

  • Irish Home Rule Bill passes into law

  • Pasturage take up three times more farming land than grains in England

  • Wales is producing 1/3rd of the world's coal export

  • Unions have about 45% of manual workers

  • A Welsh national museum, library, and university have been established

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated

  • Germany invades Belgium

  • Britain declars war on Germany

  • Treasury Agreement forbade strikes but guaranted collective bargining

  • Lloyd George takes over the Ministry of Munitions

  • Offical strike by South Wales coal miners

  • Attempt to impose conscription for armed forces

  • Lloyd George becomes Prime Minister

  • Corn Protection Act

  • H.A.L. Fishers Act made free elementary education general

  • Representation of the People Act gives women the right to vote

  • Armistice with Germany

  • Period: to

    Addison Housing Program

  • The average number of children per British family drops to just above two

  • Women are allowed to take degrees from Oxford

  • Lloyd George loses position

  • Divorce is granted to women on the same grounds as men

  • Explosion of class conflict

  • Labor government

  • Crash of American Stock Exchange

  • Unemployment reaches 3 million

  • Ottawa Conferance inaugurates a new commercial system of tarriffs and imperial preference

  • Hiter takes power in Germany

  • More self-government granted to India

  • Britain begins to focus on a more fighter based airforce

  • Hitler marches into Rhineland

  • Rearmarment under way

  • Hitler invades Prague

  • Hitler invades Poland

  • Germany invades Norway

  • Eighty Conservatives rebel agaisnt Chamberlain - Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister

  • France surrenders to Germany

  • Italy enters war

  • Soviet Union enters war

  • United States enters war

  • Butler Education Act

  • Invasion of France from Normandy

  • Distribution of Industry Act

  • Unconditional surrender of Germany

  • Pottdam Peace Conferance

  • National Insurance system

  • Women are allowed to take degrees from Cambridge

  • National Health Service comes into effect

  • Both the iron and steel industries have been nationalized

  • Self-government granted to India, Pakistan, Burma, and Sri Lanka

  • NATO

  • Conservative government

  • Britain makes moves on the Suez Canal - is censured by the United Nations

  • Labor government

  • Devaluation of pound