Bridge to Terabithia Project

Timeline created by I am ADS
In Film
  • Jess runs every morning.

    Jess runs every morning so that he can be the fastest kid in fifth grade
  • Jess does all of the chores

    Jess gets stuck with all of the chores because his older sisters won't do anything and his younger sisters aren't allowed to do anything
  • Quote

    "Those girls could get out of work faster than a grasshopper could slip through your fingers." This shows how Ellie and Brenda always leave Jess with the chores.
  • Leslie moves in

    Leslie moves in to the Old Perkins Place
  • Leslie wins all of the races

    Leslie wins all of the races that Jess was training for and all of the kids get mad at her.
  • Quote

    "He did not know people for whom money was not the problem."
    This shows that Jess lives in a poor town without a lot of money.
  • Terabithia is created

    Jess and Leslie create Terabithia, which causes a very close relationship.
  • Leslie meets Janice Avery

    Janice Avery bullies Jess and Leslie
  • Quote

    "You have to save the whale and shoot the humans, huh" This shows the Burkes care for the environment.
  • Jess gives Leslie a Puppy

    Jess Gives Leslie a puppy for Christmas
  • Jess Connects to Bill

    Jess connects to Bill By helping him fix the Old Perkins Place
  • Leslie thinks that church is cool, but Jess could care less

    This shows that Jess has to believe the bible, but he thinks that it is boring. Leslie does not have to believe the bible, and she loves it.
  • Quote

    "You have to believe it, but you hate it. I don't have to believe it, and I think it's beautiful." This shows that Leslie loves literature, but Jess does not.
  • It starts Raining

    It starts raining and Leslie thinks that it is an evil curse
  • The creek starts rising

    The old dry creek starts to rise because of the rain
  • Jess is scared to go to Terabithia, but he knows that Leslie will always go.

    Jess is scared because of the rising creek, but Leslie is not afraid.
  • Jess goes to the Smithsonian with Mrs. Edmunds

    Mrs. Edmunds, Jess's music teacher, asks Jess if he wants to go to Washington D.C. with her.
  • Leslie died

    Leslie died going to Terabithia
  • Jess runs away and his dad gets him

    This shows the beginning of a relationship with his dad
  • Quote

    "S'Ok, Leslie would say. I've been to Washington thousands of times." This shows how Jess does not want to let go of Leslie.
  • Jess won't let go of Leslie

    Jess won't let go of his memory of Leslie
  • Jess gets mad at Leslie's family because they are crying for themselves.

    Jess gets mad at The Burkes because he thinks that they did not care for Leslie, and they were only sad for themselves
  • Jess starts building a bridge

    Jess builds a bridge as an alternate way to get into Terabithia.
  • Jess saves May Bell

    Jess saves May Bell when she got scared on the bridge, and this creates a bond between them.
  • Mrs. Myers tells him about her husband

    Mrs. Myers tells Jess about her dead husband, and about how she does not want to forget him. This inspires Jess to never forget Leslie.