Bononi The Trojan War

By bbononi
  • Eris

    Eris is the evil goddess of discord, she was very unpopular around Olympus, so she did by throwing a golden apple for the marriage of King Peleus
  • Judgement of Zeus

    The three women who wanted to marry King Peleus were Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. Zeus wanted no part in the judgement of beauty, which was a wise decision. Zeus told them to go to Paris
  • Judgement of Paris

    The three women went to Paris, who then judged there beauty, he gave the golden apple to Aphrodite.Hera and Athena were very angered
  • The Trojan War begins

    The Trojan War begins
  • Helen of Troy

    Helen of Troy
    Helen was the most beautiful woman in the world. So many men wanted to marry her that her father had to choose. He chose Menaleus
  • Prince Paris Returns

    Menelaus and Helen accepted Paris as their guest. But when Menelaus returned from Crete, he saw that Helen was gone and Troy was in ruins
  • Odysseus and Achilles were missing

  • Odysseus and Achilles

    Odysseus didn't want to join the army, so he pretended to go mad, but when a greek messenger threw his son, Achilles, in front of a plow that Odysseus was controlling, he turned the plow around him and he was forced to join the army. Achilles was kept back by his mother and had to were womens clothes to hide among the women.
  • Odyesseus found Achilles

    Odysseus made Achilles join the army
  • Artemis

    Artemis was angry at the Trojan army
  • Agamemnon

    The only way to appease Artemis was to sacrefice Agamemnon's daughter, Iphigenia.
  • Entering Troy

    The first to land on Troy was Protesilaus, which was a brave task. The oracle said whoever landed on the island first would die first.
  • Hector

    Hector was the son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, he led the attack to defend Troy
  • Battle of Troy

    The battle of Troy was fought for nine years without a victor
  • Achilles and Agamemnon get into a fight over Chryseis

  • Apollo was angered by the fight

    Achilles and Agamemnon appeased Apollo by asking for Chryseis back
  • Aphrodite took Paris away

    Since Paris took Helen away, Aphrodite decided to take him away while he was fighting with Menelaus
  • Athena and Hera wanted Troy in ruins

    The Greeks would've won if this didn't happened.
  • Aphrodite wounded herself trying to save her son

  • Athena stabbed Ares with a spear

  • Hera distracted Zeus from the war

    When she was caught, she blamed it on Poseidon
  • Poseidon denied it

  • Hector killed Petrocus, then took his armor

    Taking someones armor is a huge sign of dishonor to the person wearing the armor
  • Achilles killed Hector, then violated his body

  • The Fall of Troy

    Troy was in complete ruins. Almost everyone perished and many buildings were wrecked