Bob Marley- A legend

  • A Legend was born

    A Legend was born
    Bob Marley was born on Feb. 6th, 1945 to Cedella Marley, he had rare connections with his father.
  • Joseph Stalin Dies

    Joseph Stalin Dies
    Even though Bob was 8 years old at the time of the event, the death fo a well known tyrant defienteley shook the world. Stalin was responsble for the Russians in WWII, and he was responsible for the death of millions of his people due to famine and weapons testing. Bob could have drawn inspiration from this because the man that had taken away the rights and peace from an entire nation was now dead, and there was hope given to the decimated population.
  • Jamaican Government overtakes Rasta State

    Jamaica and the RastafariansLeonard Howell, a major leader of the Rastfarian religion, had made a state, called the Pinnacle, that was deemed as a religious state for Rastafarian residents to carry out their practices in peace. Rastafarians had been treated a lot more of a negative inlfuence in the mid 1900's, but the Pinnacle was a place where they felt safe. Bob Marley himslef was a large spreader of Rastafarian religion, and the events like Howell rebelling was a foothold for Bob to be a true Rastafarian.
  • Cigarettes are found to cause cancer

    Cigarettes are found to cause cancer
    Since the production of the first tobacco pipe, many people have thought that cigarettes were fine, and that things like cannabis, widely used by the Rastafarians, was deemed as, and still is, a dangerous and harmful substance. At the time cigarettes were determine dto have cancer, many poeple thought that other alternatives were not bad, and this time is when the Rastafarians passed legislations that eneabled their use of Cannabis due to the fact that ot had never created any health issues.
  • Bob Moves To Trenchtown

    Bob Moves To Trenchtown
    Trenchtown is a large town in relationship to Kingston, Jamaica, also known as the capital. This , at the time, was a modern day Hollywood where singers, songrwriters and musicians came to find their fame. To this day it is famous for its scrap yard style and is one of the largest areas that has been influenced by Bob Marley. This is where Bob had found his band, and many of his songs are based off of Trenchtown due to his experience growing up near a big shot town
  • Jamaica Gains Inependence

    Jamaica Gains Inependence
    On this day, Jamaica had gained independence from Great Britain and had become part of the Commonwealth Nations, causing the country to officially be recognized as independent. This was shortly after large depression in which Bob had grew up in, and when he grew to the age where he moved to Trenchtown he finally had a free place to spread the Rastafarian religion.
  • Martin Luther King Junior Dies

    Martin Luther King Junior Dies
    MLKCivil rights activist Martin Luther King Junior was killed, this not only sparked an even larger movement in America, but also served as a muse for many people across the world. Bob said many times that equality is the top priority, and to have such a figure such as MLK becoming a mrtyr would defientely serve as an inspiration to his songs.
  • Kent State Shooting

    Kent State ShootingDuring the Vietnam war and President Nixon's inauguration into presidency, the time period was very tense and led to many protesters favoring an end to the war. This particular school of Kent State had police that, under a potential order, shot and killed 4 students and wounded 9 others. I think this inspired Bob Marley because this was a time of great controversy and this would definetely represent people fighting for peace.
  • U.S. pulls out of Vietnam

    The stalemate of the Vietnamese forced America to retreat from the country, ending the war and creating a lot of relief in the states. I think this affected Bob's songs because Jamaica does reside within a close proximity to the U.S. which could influence their ideology on American culture, and that one of the most controversial wars in history was over.
  • Cambodian Genocide

    Cambodian Genocide
    Cambodian GenocideThe Khmer Rouge occuoied Cambodia from 1975-1979, costong over 2 million lives, mainly of civilians. The resulting deaths were from political executiond, starvation, and forced labour.
  • Is This Love is released

    Is This Love is released
    Is This LoveThe hit song Is This Love by Bob Marley is released. The same year it peaked at #9 in th UK top songs of the year.
  • Bob's Death

    Bob's Death
    Bob Marley had died of a prexisitng cancer. He had melanoma which had spread from his foot to his entire body, killing him at the age of 36.