Blues TimeLine LM

By lelemm
  • Slave Song

    The first slave song was published in 1867 which came from African Americans.
  • Maple Leaf Rag

    Maple Leaf Rag
    The starting point for Ragtime by Scott Joplin (Maple Leaf Rag) will have heavy influence on the future of blues.
  • Camp Meeting Shouts

    Camp Meeting Shouts
    The first ever Black Record was published in 1902.
  • Bluesman Discovered

    Bluesman Discovered
    In 1903 a musician of the name of W.C. Handy saw a bluesman playing a guitar with a knife in a Mississippi train station.
  • The Start of Folk Blues

    The Start of Folk Blues
    Ralph Peer, a renowned artists who worked for Okeh and Victor Records, recorded his first field workin in Atlanta, the debut for Folk Blues (Country Music).
  • The first released Folk Blues Record

    The first released Folk Blues Record
    The first blues record produced by a male group was published, produced by Papa Charlie Jackson and Daddy Stovepipe.
  • Wallstreet Crash

    Wallstreet Crash
    The first wall street crash hit spiraling America into a Great Depression which allowed for blues music to thrive and spread throughout the nation.
  • Jump Blues

    Jump Blues
    Pioneered by Louis Jordan, a swing and blues style music that was the starting point for R&B.
  • Electric Guitar implementation

    Electric Guitar implementation
    The electric guitar, the new modernized item created in the early 30s by artist George Beauchamp and engineer Adolph Rickenbacher. Was first used in blues by Eddie Durham
  • Muddy Waters

    Muddy Waters
    Chicago Blues pioneer, Muddy Waters, recorded his first Chicago style Blues a mix between Mississippi Blues and more modernized instruments.
  • Elvis Stars

    Elvis Stars
    Arguably the most recognized name in all of music in the 20th century, Elvis debuted his take of "Big Boy" on Sun Records.
  • Country Blues

    I new take on the old folk blues emerged called country blues refueling the flame to this forgotten style by artist Samuel Charters.
  • The First Prominence White Audience

    While Muddy Waters was performing in East New York the crowd was primarily a white audience a change to the early fans of blues who saw it as a lower level music only for slaves.
  • Elvis Passes

    The day the King of Rock and blues leader passed away
  • The Birth of the Years of Blues

    The U.S. congress declared that 2003 is the year of blues coinciding with the 100th anniversary since W.C. Handy found the first "bluesman".