Biotechnology in Daily Life

  • Vaccinations

    Most people in developed countries recieve vaccinations sometime in their life. I recieved some shortly after I was born. Biotechnology developed the vaccinations that millions of people now get.
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  • Bread

    I eat a sandwich everyday for lunch. Bread contains biotech enzeymes that keep it fresh and help it rise.
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  • Vanilla Ice Cream

    Vanilla Ice Cream
    When I was younger, my favorite ice cream flavor was vanilla. Biotech enzymes are used to get the flavor of vanilla.
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  • Watermelon

    I eat watermelon a lot during the summer. Reccently, it has been engineered so there are no black seeds. The white ones are still there, but the black ones are gone. No more seed spitting contests!
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  • Corn

    For further information.</a>I love to eat corn on the cob. Corn has been engineered through biotechnology to be resistant to insects and disease.
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  • Cotton Clothing

    Cotton Clothing
    Cotton clothing is now produced with less pestisides, due to biotechnology. I wear cotton clothing all the time, and this is just one date I probably wore some.
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  • Chicken

    My family eats chicken. Now chickens are being engineereed through biotechnology to convert their feed into more meat and less skin and abdominal fat. It hasn't been done yet for consumers, as far as I can tell, but it's well on the way. So in the near future, we'll be eating chickens that were designed to have the parts we want to eat.
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  • Canola Oil

    Canola Oil
    I use canola oil when I bake cupcakes or brownies and make popcorn the old fashioned way: in a pan. Thanks to biotechnology, canola oil contains almost no transfats and use fewer pestisides.
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  • Car Rides

    Car Rides
    My family drives places constantly. On Easter we drove 6 1/2 hours to go to my dad's family's celebration. Some gas now is made with corn so it is better for the enviroment. This lets us drive far with less enviromental impact.
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  • Cheese Stick

    Cheese Stick
    I have a cheese stick every day in my lunch. Cheese is created with a biotech enzyme called chymosin. Biotechnology is used to create plentiful and purer supplies without using animals.
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