biotechnology digital timeline

By grass
  • Birth

    www.parentingcounts.orgI was born in a hospital and the doctors were experienced with child birth. They would have learned about child birth through biotechnology
  • vaccination

    vaccination I was a baby I got vaccinated from certain diseases. This is connected to biotechnology because you need biotechnology to learn more about diffrent diseases and find vaccines.
  • coffee

    coffee first time I drank coffee I didn't know that it was effected by biotechnology. People are puting enzymes in coffee to make the lives of people that drink such an important drink easier.
  • blood test

    blood test I went to get a check up the doctor told me that I had to take a blood test. After a few days they called and told me that that there was nothing wrong. Useing biotechnology they wrere able to find out wether or not there was anyhing wrong by looking at my blood.
  • allergies

    www.patientpower.infoAt this time I had really bad allergies and I had to take allergy medication. This medication would have been influenced by biotechnology if it can help me with my allergies.
  • Fertilizer

    Fertilizer went with my mom to go buy fertilizer for our plants. Biotechnology was use in the fertilizer since you have to know what to put into it and how it affects certain plants, and that to know that you would have to use biotechnology
  • Disinfectant

    Disinfectant fell of my bike and got a large cut on my elbow. I had to put disinfectant on the cut so it would not become infected. This related to biotechnology because scientists must develop products that safely kills bacteria that may get into the cut.
  • x-ray

    x-ray I went to the dentist to fill in a cavity he told me to sit and wait while he took an X-ray of my face. X-rays have to do with biotechnology because they are commonly used to look at things from a biomolecular level
  • clothing

    clothing wear clothing everyday and biotechnology is affecting it all the time. Since people are now genetically modifying cotton to make it easier to grow. It is helping to make it so it is easier to grow things like cotton that helps us make our clothes.
  • apples

    apples had a apple that would not brown when in contact with oxygen. Biotechnology is used in the apple when people change it to make it so that it would not become brown when it is brusied or cut and left there.