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Timeline created by Ximena Orozco
  • Birth of the leader

    Birth of the leader
    She was born in Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Beginning of your education

    Beginning of your education
    She began her student process in preschool “A Special Boy.
  • First achievement

    First achievement
    Entered in the scholar guard for its high academic performance.
  • The love of art begins

    The love of art begins
    She achieved first place in the drawing contest: “My friend the policeman”.
  • Period: to

    The value of responsibility

    In these years, she stood out for her responsibility and intelligence, which was reflected in her excellent grades.
  • Period: to


    She practiced swimming as well as in the art of regional dance, where her commitment and passion for art stood out.
  • Adolescence

    Started her high school education and became an older sister.
  • The art surrounds her

    The art surrounds her
    She participated and won first place in the writing contest : “Tale of national symbols”.
  • The path of preparation

    The path of preparation
    She finished her secondary education and entered high school, “Vidal Castañeda y Nájera”.
  • Art and design

    Art and design
    Completed High School in the Arts and Humanities area.
  • Preparation and learning of her world

    Preparation and learning of her world
    She entered the Acatlán Faculty of Higher Studies in the career of Graphic Design.
  • Talent and passion

    Talent and passion
    She carried out different production projects in which she was a producer, screenwriter and host.
  • Great ideas create great achievements.

    Great ideas create great achievements.
    She participated in artistic competitions such as the creation of a Mexican offering where she obtained first place.
  • Professional Designer

    Professional Designer
    She graduated with a degree in graphic design from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
  • First Job

    First Job
    She carried out his social service in the Secretary of Health where she promoted projects for national health.
  • The job and art

    The job and art
    She started working at the TREVIA textile company as head of the Design and Printing department.
  • The creative mind

    The creative mind
    She works in the communication area of ​​the Federal Protection Service.
  • The love of her life

    The love of her life
    At this moment she begins a stage as the mother of her little daughter.