Between Shades of Grey-Ruta Sepetys-Fiction-344

  • Pages 1-56

    In this section Lina, her brother, Jonas, Her mother and her father are taken by the NKVD. They are taken and put on a train to where they think is Siberia. Read 628 Pages
  • Pages 56-105

    In this section the family is on the train for a while longer. Finally, they stop and are forced off the trains. They then realize that people are being sold and taken away. They make themselves look dishevaled so they will not be sold. They manage not to be sold and are taken away in a truck to a farm and are forced to live with the natives.
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  • Pages 105-140

    In this secion the family settles into their home. hey are forced to live with a grumpy Atlain woman who requests them to pay rent when they have nothing left. Lina and her mother are sent to work in the forest digging a hole. Jonas has to make shoes. They get very small rations of food.
    Read 713 pages total.
  • Pages 140-219

    The NKVD try to get the Lithuanians to sgin a papaer comitting them to 25 years of labor and making them criminals. They refuse. THe NKVD keep trying. Jonas gets very sick and Andrius brings him extra food because he needs nutrition to stay alive. Lina has to make a portrait of the commander. She sruggles with this bu gets it finished.
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  • Read 219-280

    In this section Lina stole a file from the NKVD office on her family. And shows it to Andrius who tputs it back for her. All the Lithuaniansa the camp celebrate Lina's birhtday. After tha most of them are required to leave the camp they are at. Lina has to leave Andrius.
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  • Read 280-344

    In this section the group is sent to a mew camp in the top of the Arctic Circle. They are foced to biuld their ownjurta and make their own food. Many people die including Lina's mother. Sickness is all throught the camp. Finally a soldiers comes for a wellness check and they get help. Later you find out that Lina and Andrius found eadh other and got married,
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