Best and most important things that lead to the Cive; War

  • Missouri Compromise

    This compromise was to keep the balance of states. This compromise let Missuri become a slave state but then Main would become a free state. Then the 36º 30º line was put in place that made slavery ileagal above the line, it was aloud below the line. This keeped the balance between the slave and free states.
  • Period: to


  • Wilmot Proviso

    A man offered laws that prohibited slavery in any land that we would obtain from mexico. Ths made the south angery and they said that they wanted to keep the posibility for slavery open for California and Mexico.This caused a big debate.
  • Dread Scott Trial

    A slave was on trial to be free. There were 5 diffrent trials in 10 years.The qourt said that he was still a slave after the trial from the suprem quort. His owners freed him. This trial said that afrecan-american people can't be a citizan. Congress also state that they cant take proporty.
  • Compromise of 1850

    This was five seprate laws that were targeted at slavery in many places. Some were 1) Califonia was to be a free state. 2) Mexico should be free. 3)There was no slave trading in Columbia. All this was, was another temporary solution.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Harrit Beaches Sow wrote a book called "Uncle Tom's Cabin". This book stuned many peoplewith here discription of slavery. She showed how slavery was bad, this enraged many people.
  • Kansas/Nabraska Act

    This plan was to make both North and south agree. The population was to vote. If the people voted more on slave than free than the state would become a slave state, but if it whent the other way, it would become a free state. This undid the missuri compromise.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    A small civel war in Kansas between proslavery and antislavery people. This was the first bloodshead over slavery.
  • Lincon Douglas Debate

    Both were against slavery, but Douglas thought that they couldent et rid of it, bu only slow it.