Bessie Coleman

Timeline created by serafinj
  • Early Life

    Early Life
    Bessie was born on January 26,1892 in Atlanta,Texas.
  • Growing up

    Growing up
    Not long after she was born she and her family moved to Waxahchie,Texas
  • Starting Career

    Starting Career
    Bessie was very poor and wanted to earn money.
  • Trying to get a job

    Trying to get a job
    Colman moved chicago where two of her brothers lived. there she became interested in flying.
  • Starting Flight

    Starting Flight
    Coleman applied flying in the United States but was turned down because she was an African American women.
  • Finding her path

    Finding her path
    A friend suggested to move to france.
  • Doing Career

    Doing Career
    She did that, and she recieved her pilots licence.
  • Death

    One day bessie was not strappted in and died in a plane crash. bessie died at 34 years old