Benjamin Franklin: A True American Hero

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  • The Story of the Subway Hero and Free Write

    The Story of the Subway Hero and Free Write
    Today, we discussed the basics of what a hero truly is. Noble, brave, and helpful are just three of numerous characteristics of a hero. The Subway Hero, Wesley Autrey, became a hero after saving a man who had fallen onto the subway tracks in the midst of an oncoming train. To me, the definition of a hero is a person willing to step out of their "comfort zone" in order to help someone in need.
  • Roy Benavidez: A Classic War Hero

    Roy Benavidez: A Classic War Hero
    The story of Roy Benavidez is unbelievable to most who hear it. As seemingly impossible as Rambo, Roy Benavidez saved the lives of eight men after being ambushed by a North Vietnamese battalion. Roy Benavidez, a true war hero, received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his brave efforts. Today, we discussed the valiance and strength of Benavidez and other war heroes, and their payment they made to the world we live in today. This story helps to portray what a real hero is in my mind.
  • Kristi Quillen Interview

    Kristi Quillen Interview
    Today, the tenth of January, we listened to an interview of Kristi Quillen, a Peace Corps volunteer. In the interview, Quillen explains how she had to make great sacrifices, such as going out to eat and spending regular time with her family, because she decided to join the Peace Corps. The sacrifices and bold decision, along with the teaching that she is doing in Costa Rica, helped me to see that even "normal" people can have a significant difference on the world as a hero.
  • Book Hero Discussion

    Book Hero Discussion
    Heroes in literature, such as Atticus Finch and Sydney Carton, have a profound effect on society as a whole. Today, in class, we discussed whether the true hero was the author or the character in the specific piece of literature. My group and I agreed that the true hero was a mixture of both writer and words; the author helps the character grow into what it truly is and through his own words makes it a hero in itself. Literature heroes have influence in many parts of our society.
  • Chose My Hero

    Chose My Hero
    I have decided to do my hero project on a classic American hero, Benjamin Franklin. From the founding of this great country to the invention of hundreds of objects, Franklin has proved himself a true hero in many ways. I decided to choose Franklin for his vast knowledge and inspiring work ethic. The book I will be reading is titled, "Benjamin Franklin Autobiography and Other Writings." I hope to prove Franklin's heroics throughout this project.
  • Online Research of Benjamin Franklin

    Online Research of Benjamin Franklin
    Today I looked into Benjamin Franklin's contribution to society as I learned of him via the internet. Of the many things I learned, it is interesting to know that Franklin started the first library and post office in America. From my research, I now believe my definition of a hero can include people who have changed the world through their accomplishments.
  • "Change the World" Power point and Discussion

    "Change the World" Power point and Discussion
    Today, we categorized various heroes and leaders into groups that contained others with similar achievements and characteristics. From charismatic Julius Caesar to thoughtful Tuesday Muse, all heroes have similar and unique characteristics. To me, a hero has become more than just one specific thing; it has become a word that encompasses a group of outstanding people who succeed in their own particular trade.
  • "Change the World" Power Point and Discussion (Day 2)

    "Change the World" Power Point and Discussion (Day 2)
    Today we discussed and viewed ideas about heroes in the mainstream. Names such as Hugh Laurie and John Mayer, along with videos from Liberty Mutual and Year of the Rat appeared as varying concepts about the definition of hero. We also discussed how the youth is sometimes underestimated in their ability to change the world for the better. Characteristics such as being responsible, motivational, and optimistic have been added to my list of what makes a hero.
  • Why Franklin?

    Why Franklin?
    Today, my first blog was due. In it, I wrote about why I chose Franklin over various other "big names" such as John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump. Franklin stood out from all the others because of how he succeeded in completely different fields of work. Franklin was a genius and mastermind whose contribution to society should never be forgotten.
  • Interviewing Information

    Interviewing Information
    I learned more about how to interview and ask better questions today during class. This information will help the quality of my interview, and have it flow more smoothly. My classmates and I also made a list of heroes in literature for us to have a better idea of who to write about for our second blog post.
  • Heroes in Literature

    Heroes in Literature
    Today my second blog post was due. This blog post had to do with heroes in literature such as Atticus Finch, Liesel Meminger, and Sydney Carton. Atticus Finch helped push the world into the Civil Rights Movement and abolishment of discrimination. Sydney Carton and Meminger both help to show society the power of love and sacrifice, along with the grace that some people are willing to express towards their fellow man.
  • First Chapter Friday: Potluck but for Literature

    First Chapter Friday: Potluck but for Literature
    Today, we each shared an important passage from the biography we are reading. I chose a paragraph in which Franklin explains how any man with the right amount of perseverance can succeed in anything he attempts. It was interesting to hear about all the heroes my classmates have chosen. From presidents to movie stars, all the heroes chosen have had a profound impact in the lives of countless people.