Belgian Congo

  • Belgian Congo Bfore Imperilism

    Conditions in the Congo befor Imperlism was much better because it was not under military controll there was no slavery and unfainess
  • Setting up privat colonies

    During this time King Leopold II of Berlin was starting to set up a few private colonies and was beggining to make treties with people that allotted King Leopold as their ruler, giving him power over the area.His motive was to gain economic success because a lot of the land had a lot of raw materials like rubber.
  • Berlin Conference

    At the Berlin confrence many things werwe discussed including taxes and labor and they were both increced. The Berlin conference had added and brutilized physical labor and taxes
  • Rubber Industry

    King Leopold II had a monoply on the rubber industry so he could charge more for the rubber and he could paly the Aricans less to work becasue no one was making rubber.
  • Leopold Looses Power

    in 1908 the Belgian government realized how cruelly Leopold was treating the colony and they took control away from him and decided to rule it directly. The treatment got a little better for the natives.
  • Life Improved

    After Leopnd lost power with the direct power they statred to try to improve the living for the natives. They did this by making homes and roads and hospitals and things like that.
  • World War I

    Then in 1914, Britain and America justified the problems of world war I Belgiam had to be protected from Germany and the German Troops had commited mass rapes and cut off Belgian childrens hand and feet of children.