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beginnings of american government

  • The Need For Rules and Laws

    The Need For Rules and Laws
    They make rules and laws for so they protect their possessions and their life. So when they were in england the rules were unfair. a government is a combination of rules and laws and when they lived there they developed the need for rules and laws. life became more complicated and life went and more people where there
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    The beginnings of american government

  • infuents of anchent goverments

    infuents of anchent goverments
    A Lot if the ways we do everything was borrowed from ancient Governments even the way we do everything was from ancient government it comes from the Greek meaning "Rule by the people." The way we get the way was from also a senate was from Rome and the free people could strike down a rule that went against their rights. They could also veto rules which we do today
  • Influence of the English Government

    Influence of the English Government
    Some early forms of governments did not have rule by the people two common forms of government were monarchy and dictatorship. A monarchy is where someone is elected king, queen and the power is passed down thuel the family generation after generation. A dictator is there is no limit of how they can rule they have total control over every body he can do all that he wants
  • government in the american colonies

    government in the american colonies
    The early english settlers in america had ideas about forming a new government there was one group of the settlers that did not want to follow the english church or pay the taxes so they went to the new land to get away and they started a colony they came over on the mayflower so they also had a contract that they had to sign it was called the meat four compact. But some of the people that lived with these people were thought that they were too strict. Here they could talk out against the king
  • American Colonies Join Together

    American Colonies Join Together
    eggeling did not interfere with the government in the colonies and england needed money to pay off it deps and tried to raise money from the colonies by the middles 1700 the colonies felt that england trying to gain control. 1774 a large meeting called the first continental congress was held in philadelphia colonies decided to take action against england they sent the king a list of rights they demanded that they get freedom and that they would refuse all goods including british tea